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Detroit Assistant Carlos Briggs Apparently Leaves Titan Program

According to the Detroit News, it appears that Detroit assistant coach Carlos Briggs has left the Titan program. Briggs was not in attendance at practice on Thursday or Friday, and the school had no comment on his status with the team.

Unlike Derek Thomas who left the program last Wednesday, Briggs is still listed as a member of the coaching staff on the Detroit Athletics site.

But you have to wonder what is happening at the school that so many of the coaches have left within the last week. And it isn't just that they are leaving, but which coaches are the ones walking away -- if Briggs is actually gone.

Both Thomas and Briggs worked with the Titan guards, and that includes a very prominent player on the team who happens to be the head coach's son. Again, that could just be a coincidence, but it is hard to keep that out of mind when evaluating these staffing changes.