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Murray State's Zay Jackson Faces 1-Year Prison Term

The new judge in the Zay Jackson assault case has upgraded the charges, and thrown out the plea deal. Jackson now faces the prospect of a one-year jail sentence, or going to trial.

Jonathan Daniel

When judge Dennis Foust recused himself from the Zay Jackson assault case, there was some speculation that Jackson's plea bargain might be in jeopardy.

That plea bargain was rejected Wednesday by judge Craig Clymer, who proposed two one-year sentences instead. He also upgraded the charges to first-degree wanton endangerment.

The sentences would be served concurrently, and Jackson would be eligible for shock probation under the terms of the deal. That would have him serving part of the sentence in jail and the rest on probation.

If the deal is not taken Jackson will go to trial.

The Murray State guard is currently suspended from the team, but has been allowed back to practice by coach Steve Prohm, which backtracks from the tough line that the athletic department was seeming to take with Jackson:

"He's back to practice now," Prohm said. "I think he has to practice because he's got great leadership, he's got great competitive spirit and he's a great teammate. He wants to be a part of the program and he wants to win. At the end of the day, what happened to him does not define who he is."