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Cleveland State's Gary Waters Get 7-Year Contract


Cleveland State has given head coach Gary Waters a new seven-year contract according to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer. Monetary details were not disclosed but this contract replaces the one Waters signed in 2009.

The Vikings have been on the rise in the Horizon League lately, both on and off the court. He took a single-digit win team and turned them into almost a lock for 20 victories each season.

The APR for the Vikings has also improved and Cleveland State is out of the danger zone in terms of postseason punishment.

This year might be slightly down since the team graduated three starters from last season. But the future is bright with sophomore Anton Grady leading the way.

Grady got some notice over the summer as a potential breakout candidate this year (we have him at No. 8 in the Horizon League), even though he had already turned in a superb performance as a freshman that was missed by the major media.

Waters will likely get the first win under his new contract tonight as the Vikings take on Grambling, the worst team in the country according to the computers.