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Lehigh Trails Baylor 51-41 at Halftime

Without Gabe Knutson, Lehigh is having a tough time dealing with the size of the Baylor. The Bears have pulled down 35 percent of the available offensive boards, and that is going to be difficult to overcome for the Mountain Hawks.

It isn't that they aren't trying. The shots just aren't falling unless your name is C.J. McCollum (big shocker there, right?). The All-American candidate has scored 24 of the 41 points for Lehigh, on 9 of 16 shooting.

The rest of the team: 6-for-19, 31%

That was helped by a late spark from Mackey McKnight, who is in double digits with 10 points.

McCollum though is showing off why he could be a first round NBA draft pick. He is cutting, slashing and making room for every single one of his shots. He is making it happen against a roster full of future NBA talent, and he is basically doing it alone.

He has had a couple of mental errors, trying to do too much, but who can blame him the way things are going.

The lead isn't insurmountable, but the McCollum is not going to be able to do it alone.