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Loyola's Defense Slightly Better, Helps Carry Lead to Half

It has been all defense through the half in Chicago. Or more like the lack of it.

You can watch the game go back and forth between Toledo and Loyola just based on who was getting their defensive sets correct. The Ramblers did it more often in the first half, and take a 36-28 lead to halftime.

The game hasn't even been about the stars of the two teams: Loyola's Ben Averkamp (even though he has nine points), or Toledo's Rian Pearson. The Rockets have gotten all their work from secondary option Julius Brown (13 points), Loyola has been driven by Cully Payne (just seven points, but offense would be moribund without him).

And maybe it is just opening night jitters, but neither team is shooting the ball particularly well (combined 37% FG, 25% from 3). It has been especially bad considering how unimpressive the defenses have been for the two teams.

That is only leading to frustration that has been close to boiling over with Pearson and Payne's tempers seeming to rise every time down the court. Fifteen minutes in the locker room is probably not a bad thing at this point.