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Creighton's Josh Jones Out Indefinitely, But Return to Court Not Ruled Out

The results are in for Creighton guard Josh Jones after his scary collapse during warmups before the Jays' game at Nebraska last week.


Creighton guard Josh Jones held a press conference Wednesday to relate the results of medical tests to the media and fans.

Jones is going to have a procedure done Tuesday to correct a heart problem that caused his collapse prior to a game against Nebraska last week. He will undergo another procedure in about a month, and from that point the doctors will evaluate where he is in terms of returning to the court.

Based on that news, Creighton head coach Greg McDermott sid Jones will be out indefinitely.

"I think best case scenario, we're looking at mid-to-late January and then worst case scenario is he doesn't play," McDermott said.

For the time being, basketball will take a backseat.

"The important thing now, is Josh is going to be fine long term, and he doesn't need to make any decisions about basketball at this point in time," McDermott said.

Jones said the press conference was his idea, and he wanted to let everyone who had shown concern for him know what the situation was.

"I got several Twitter mentions and Facebook messages and just people on all types of levels just concerned about me, and I feel like it was important to address them eventually ... I appreciate all the support from everyone who has always been there for me," Jones said.

Jones was a high school legend in Omaha before signing to play for his hometown school, but as much as the game means to him he said he knows the game is just that, and that life is what is truly important.

"Beyond basketball, it hurts me that I have to put it on the backburner right now, it's my life that's at hand," Jones said. "The feeling down when I collapsed at Nebraska is something that I don't ever want to go through again. I'm a pretty strong person, I tend to smile a lot and all, and I'm going to continue to smile because of the support."

Jones went on a local Omaha radio show after the press conference to break down his condition in more detail and offer some perspective.

Jones doesn't have to make a decision now, and he said he could not speak to his future during the press conference. Despite the somber nature of the situation, Jones was able to display the smile and humor that defines who he is when talking about finishing up his degree.

"I'm still going to graduate," Jones said. "I've got two classes that I have starting in January that's going to give me my public relations degree, so I can continue to talk to you guys forever."