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Mo Cassara and AD Hathaway To Reassess Recruiting Philosophy

According to a report from ESPN, Hofstra coach Mo Cassara and athletic director Jeff Hathaway will work together to reassess the recruiting philosophy for the Pride.

The university is reeling in response to the arrest of four basketball players who were allegedly stealing laptops and electronics from fellow students.

Given that Hofstra had other issues with two of its transfers earlier this season, there are some significant questions related to the type of players that the Pride are bringing onto campus:

When asked if he has to re-evaluate his recruiting strategy in the wake of these incidents, Cassara said, "I think that we as a staff, myself, we take every opportunity to evaluate every kid, know their families, their parents, their AAU coaches, their high school coaches, and we do that to the best of our ability. It's part of what we work very hard at."

"Mo and I and other coaches have met on numerous occasions, and we've had conversations about what our expectations are for a Hofstra student-athlete, and that we're gonna do everything we can do to find out that we are bringing the very best people to this campus to wear Hofstra on their chest," said Hathaway. "And I think, from what I've seen in my time here, that our basketball staff has done that."