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Drexel Cleans Glass Against Davidson, Notches 1st Quality Win

Drexel out-rebounded Davidson 35-13, and the Dragons grabbed more boards on the offensive end than the Wildcats had in the game. That glass cleaning led directly to Drexel logging its first real quality win of the season.


Someone get Davidson a squeegee. The Wildcats need to learn how to clean the glass.

Despite foul trouble from Drexel's main inside threat, Daryl McCoy, the Dragons were able to outrebound Davidson 35-13, the main reason that they walked away with a 69-58 win against the Wildcats.

It wasn't just rebounding, but more the offensive rebounding that that Drexel accomplished. The Dragons cleaned up more than 68 percent of their misses on the offensive end. That led to long possessions and kept the Davidson shooters from doing their damage.

This was a Wildcat team whose first five baskets all came from behind the arc. That kept them in the game, but when every miss by the opponent gets knocked back to the team in white? Well, shooting well from long range can't hold you close for long.

Once again Davidson's biggest threats got into foul trouble early, a poor trend that has really killed the Wildcats early. Jake Cohen was the biggest culprit, sitting most of the first half, and letting the Dragons run out to a comfortable lead.

After that, even a flurry of turnovers by Drexel in the second half couldn't help the Wildcats close the gap. It was another opportunity that Davidson let pass. Although the Dragons hadn't been doing well to begin the season, they were still expected to turn it on when the Colonial season began.

This could have been a nice looking win when the season finally ended.

Instead Davidson will again head home wondering 'What if?'. They just haven't executed like a team that is experienced and playing together for another full year. Fans of the Wildcats may be able to chalk it up to the team doing this every season, but it is not every season when you have a team like this, one that is capable of big things in the NCAA Tournament.

But you have to get there, and the way that Davidson is playing, that doesn't look as if it is a given. Not with the foul trouble that they get into; not with the defensive rebounding that was non-existent Saturday night.

Damion Lee led the Dragons with 26 points on 8 of 17 shooting, and added 11 rebounds (Five offensive -- see the issue with that?!) in the win. De'Mon Brooks led Davidson with 16 points, and had two nice blocks to deny Drexel scorers (too bad the Dragons got the rebounds).