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Dyami Starks Sparking Enthusiasm for Up and Coming Bryant

Big Apple Buckets profiles Dyami Starks, the sophomore transfer at Bryant, who has helped the Bulldogs to be one of the top teams in the Northeast Conference so far this season.

Joe Robbins

When we looked at the Northeast Conference before the season, there was little regard paid to what Bryant University would accomplish this year. Little did we know that with almost two months gone in the season, the Bulldogs would be sporting the second best record in the conference.

Considering the team went 2-28 last season, getting to six wins before 2013 is quite a feat. While games against Indiana and Providence might not have gone well, the six victories includes a two-point upset of Boston College, a team that beat basically the same Bryant squad by 20 last year.

What is the reason for the success? Ryan Peters at Big Apple Buckets posits that it might have something to do with transfer Dyami Starks, who leads the Bulldogs with 16.6 points per game.

Peters dives into Starks' journey from Ivy League contributor to bench warmer to Bryant, and how that has shaped what the Minnesota prep star has been able to accomplish in his collegiate career.

With the schedule a little soft this week given the holidays, this is definitely worth your time on the off-day to give it a read.