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Towson Rallies, Tops Oregon State in Overtime

Jerrelle Benimon and Marcus Damas snapped a four-game losing streak in beating the Oregon State Beavers by one on Damas' last-second, overtime bucket.


After forty-four minutes and forty-five seconds of hustle, it looked as if Jerrelle Benimon's astounding performance and Towson's comeback would go to waste.

But Marcus Damas was having none of that malarkey.

Damas hit a three-pointer with less than a second remaining on the clock to lift the Tigers to an impressive, come-from-behind, 67-66 victory against the Oregon State Beavers.

Losers of four straight, the Tigers were 13 points behind at halftime and started the second half on an even worse foot, watching the deficit balloon to 19 points around the 16 minute mark on field goals from Eric Moreland, Jarmal Reid, and Joe Burton, the Beavers' top three scorers.

But Towson's Rafriel Guthrie refused to let his team's losing streak continue any further, and six Guthrie points later, the Tigers were only down seven. They continued to chip away at the gap, and with 33 seconds left, Benimon put in points 17 and 18 on foul shots to tie the game at 60.

Overtime continued the "Season of Benimon" for the Tigers as he kicked off the extra period with a layup to finish the game with 20 points and 21 rebounds, becoming the first Division I player this season to record 20 points and 20 rebounds in the same game. The win also marked his seventh double-double in 13 games.

In the end it was Damas who became the hero for the Tigers, knocking down the decisive three.

After forty-four minutes and forty-five seconds of hustle, it looked as if Towson's performance and comeback would go to waste.

But that's why they play all forty five.