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Check That, Southern Illinois' Antonio Bryer Back With the Team

Less than 24 hours after leaving the program, Antonio Bryer is back with Southern Illinois. Coach Barry Hinson announced the return with a little humor during Tuesday's press conference.

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We all have changes of heart. Not all of us can do something about them.

Southern Illinois coach Barry Hinson announced Tuesday that Antonio Bryer will be back with the team following a phone call with the player and his mother Monday night:

"I visited with him at length and we think that it is the best thing for our program at this time to allow him to come back and be a part of this family. This is something that he alluded to me last night. I slept on it, I met with my staff and administration this morning and we are confident that he is coming back for the right reasons. We are confident that this is in the best interest of both parties and we would not do this if we did not think it was in the best interest of both parties."

As we eluded to yesterday, Bryer had received very few minutes in the game against New Orleans. It is unknown how that related to his one-game suspension, or if anything came from off-the-court issues.

Whatever the cause, it seems that Hinson welcomed the sophomore back with open arms:

"He is eligible to play and he will make the trip. Consequently if we get in foul trouble, we will have another body to put on the floor. We poke fun at it but that is the truth."

The Salukis currently are committing fouls on 29.3 percent of their defensive possessions, putting them at No. 280 in the country in that stat. Basically, they foul a lot.

At that rate, every body does help.