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Zay Jackson Indicted By Grand Jury

Murray State's Zay Jackson rejected a second deal from his new judge so his case was sent to the grand jury. You get what you ask for; Jackson was indicted on two charges.

Jonathan Daniel

Murray State's Zay Jackson was indicted by a Calloway County grand jury on charges of second-degree assault and first-degree wanton endangerment.

Jackson's case, stemming from an incident involving the former Racers' guard striking a person with his car in a Walmart parking lot, ended in front of the grand jury after his first plea deal was thrown out.

Of course, that was after the original judge in the case had to recuse himself because he didn't want his ties to the university becoming an issue due to the light sentence that Jackson was set to receive.

The new judge felt the plea was too light and offered Jackson a second option -- one with a stiffer sentence than the original 30 days in jail. Jackson declined that offer and voila, he is now indicted on two charges.

This shouldn't be surprising given the graphic nature of the video that was released in the wake of the original plea deal. The case will likely now proceed to trial unless a new plea bargain can be reached.