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Creighton Guard Josh Jones Collapses Before Game, In Stable Condition

Creighton senior guard Josh Jones is in stable condition after blacking out during warmups before the Jays game against Nebraska.

Get well soon Josh.
Get well soon Josh.
Eric Francis

Creighton may have won the annual in-state rivalry game against Nebraska by a healthy margin, but the game itself took a backseat as Josh Jones collapsed during pregame warmups. Jones, who underwent heart surgery during his senior year of high school, was taken to the hospital.

"Everyone wasn't right," Creighton head coach Greg McDermott said after the game. I wasn't right after it. I'm not going to lie. This is just a basketball game."

The team visited Jones after the game and he was reportedly in good spirits.

Creighton released a statement Friday stating that the senior is in stable condition and will be moved to Omaha for further testing. Creighton is taking every precaution given Jones' history.

"His health is our number one priority right now, but he will be off the court until results of some further testing comes in," McDermott said in the release.

Jones is a key contributor and a senior leader off the Jays bench, but Creighton has plenty of depth and Jones will be given all the time he needs to recover.

"I want to let everyone know that I am in good spirits and doing well," Jones said in the release. "The support from Bluejay nation has been overwhelming and proves what the Creighton family is all about."