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Morning Mashup: Moving Parts and Moving Up

 Four McGlynn - Catamount no more.
Four McGlynn - Catamount no more.

Well what do you know? Still some shifting going on, not just in teams changing conference, but in players changing teams. What do we have going on?

Four McGlynn, the Freshman of the Year in the America East Conference last season, has been granted his release from the University of Vermont, and is reportedly considering Duquesne, La Salle, and Penn State (a move much closer to home for a guy from York, PA).

UPDATE: McGlynn has settled on Towson.

Another freshman, Nic Moore of Illinois State, has passed up on Purdue, Illinois, and Notre Dame in order to go and play at Southern Methodist under Larry Brown. This is, of course, of note because the Mustangs have assistant coach slash coach in waiting Tim Jankovich, who was Moore's coach at ISU.

Sports Illustrated has a nice slideshow on the most painful decommits. Did you know Michael Beasley shunned the Charlotte 49ers when his coach left for Kansas State? And the Morris twins (Memphis) and DeMarcus Cousins (UAB and Memphis) also nearly played at "our level," though I suppose that is of debatable value.

Still more from SI - Luke Winn has a number crunching bit with pretty graphs that tells us something unsurprising but foreboding: the realignment that was initiated by college football and continued by the catch-up scramble of college basketball has shifted the power of various conferences, most notably making the gap between C-USA and the field even wider than it was before.