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2012 NBA Draft: Mocking the Second Round

Orlando Johnson seems to be falling - not just in this photo, but in mock drafts as well.
Orlando Johnson seems to be falling - not just in this photo, but in mock drafts as well.

ESPN's Chad Ford finally put up an updated mock of the draft's second round yesterday, and there are some interesting bits of information. We start off with a name you all know and love by now (looking at you, Doug Gottlieb):

Washington Wizards

Scott Machado | PG | Iona

Some in Washington aren't totally sure whether John Wall is really a point guard. Machado, however, is the second-best pure point guard in the draft. He lacks Wall's athletic abilities, but some believe he sees the floor as well or better than Kendall Marshall. He'd be a very nice get for the Wizards at 32.

An interesting thought. Machado as insurance for John Wall. He'd be a character upgrade for that team, as well.

35. Golden State Warriors (via Brooklyn)

Kyle O'Quinn | C | Norfolk State

The Warriors feel that O'Quinn is an underrated big who plays hard and has the length to be a 5 in the league. Yes, they took Andre Drummond at No. 7 in our mock, but in the NBA, you need all the bigs you can get.

I'm not sure that golden State winds up with Drummond - I'd imagine they (and most other teams) are more likely to take O'Quinn if they feel like they've "missed out" on Drummond and want what, on paper, would be the next best thing. I personally think O'Quinn is a much more polished, proven, and therefore valuable immediate quantity.

40. Portland Trail Blazers (via Minnesota)

Orlando Johnson | SG | UC-Santa Barbara

Johnson was one of the best scorers in college basketball. His freakishly long wingspan, NBA body and shooting ability could all come in handy to provide depth for the Blazers.

This is a long way away from being drafted 29th by the Bulls, like Johnson appeared in some earlier mock drafts. He's starting to sound an awful lot like Tayshaun Prince, which could be good or bad depending on your perspective.

44. Detroit Pistons(via Houston)

Kevin Murphy | SF | Tennessee Tech

The Pistons could really use another shooter at the wings. Murphy was one of the best scorers in college basketball, shooting 42 percent from beyond the arc.

These facts are both true. The Pistons were not a great perimeter scoring team, and Murphy can do that. I'm not sure that he would be the best option for those purposes that would be available at this point in the draft, but then again I don't work in the NBA.

58. Minnesota Timberwolves (From Oklahoma City)

Cameron Moore | PF | UAB

Moore is an athletic rebounder/shot-blocker who would be 20 spots higher if he added another 20 pounds to his frame. While the Wolves do have size, they really need athletes in their frontcourt.

All I can say to Cameron Moore is...well, you're welcome, young man. Seems a bit silly that the same type of comment about Durant didn't even knock him out of the top two five years ago (though Durant was a lot better offensively). As I said though, who knows what Moore might do with a bigger frame and some strong coaching.