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Morning Mashup: Moving Again

Josiah Turner (#11) has no clue what he wants - and is leaving teams in his wake.
Josiah Turner (#11) has no clue what he wants - and is leaving teams in his wake.

What's out there on the internet these days? Oh nothing much, just children changing their minds, as per usual.

Josiah Turner, who got suspended at Arizona and made all manner of poor career choices, has now decided that he is not going to follow through on his commitment to play for Larry Brown at Southern Methodist, but will instead head overseas to Europe. You can read the article for a great summary of the many ways in which this is another poor decision on Turner's part - and how SMU is now left with a gaping hole at point guard.

Boston University's Jake O'Brien, now that the Terriers will not be eligible for the American East tournament in their final season before changing conferences, has chosen to exit stage right. The Terriers, without playing in the conference tournament, are unlikely to make the postseason (like a number of other mid-major programs) and it is understandable that O'Brien, like UConn/Mizzou center Alex Oriakhi, wants to boost his profile with a chance at an extended season. Just perhaps odd timing, since I'm sure BU has known this for a little while.

Lastly, Murray State got a big boost from a recently retained head coach and a stud point guard who has been getting help from some rather well-known folks.