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NBA Summer League: Orlando Recap

 Kyle O'Quinn held his own, but was the best in an o.k. showing for mid-majors in Orlando.
Kyle O'Quinn held his own, but was the best in an o.k. showing for mid-majors in Orlando.

Well, this past Friday the 13th brought an end to the first of this summer's two leagues down in Orlando, FL.

There were eight mid-major players who participated, some drafted, some not, with a broad spectrum of results.

Spartan-turned-Magic forward Kyle O'Quinn had probably the best showing, doing pretty much exactly what was expected of him when Orlando drafted him.

The rest...well, there were a lot of holes that need to be filled for these guys to make serious headway into NBA rosters. To the data!

See? I was even nice and made a pretty little table for you. Lets kick our way through the players, shall we?

Orlando Johnson 33.4 12.4 5.0 3.0 0.263 0.211 0.621
Kevin Murphy 22.6 8.6 2.4 --- 0.425 0.250 0.875
Julian Mavunga 18.8 6.0 6.0 --- 0.500 --- 0.830
Kyle O'Quinn 21.4 8.8 6.2 --- 0.540 --- 0.500
Zack Rosen 17.5 3.0 1.3 3.3 0.227 0.200 ---
Dominique Sutton 13.0 3.2 2.4 --- 0.385 --- 0.500
Charlie Westbrook 12.7 8.0 2.3 --- 0.455 --- 0.667
Casper Ware 13.4 4.2 1.4 2.8 0.233 0.166 0.625

Orlando Johnson definitely put points on the board, and even contributed regularly in helping his teammates score, but he absolutely must shoot better if he expects to make it. Nobody is interested in a guy who can score 15 or so points per game if it takes him more than a dozen shots a night to do so.

Kevin Murphy put up a very solid showing, the kind of outings that Utah are likely to expect from him as a wing scorer off the bench. If he can either cut down on his long-range attempts or increase his makes, he could have a great shot of sticking with the Jazz.

O'Quinn, as I mentioned, was strong. His free throw shooting was a bit lacking, but he didn't have a ton of attempts - outside of that, he seems on his way to fitting that "strong but slightly undersized big" tole everyone has been projecting him for.

Zack Rosen's line is a bit misleading. Most of his minutes came in one game, so he didn't exactly get a chance to shine. He posted five turnovers in his first game, but other than that he didn't really do anything poorly or spectacularly - the latter likely because he didn't really get a huge chance.

Dominique Sutton didn't get a ton accomplished outside of a few baskets, and didn't shoot well in the process. Charlie Westbrook was similar to Rosen, putting up most of his numbers in a single game - which involved little more than scoring, as most expected from him. Casper Ware doled out some solid assists, but shot poorly all around and wasn't quite the ballhawk some had hoped to see.

I'll go back and check the highlights eventually to make sure my analysis isn't a hot mess, but otherwise stay tuned later on for a recap of the Las Vegas league going on right now.