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Morning Mashup: The In Case You Missed It Edition

Tennessee Tech's Kevin Murphy is working on proving that Utah's second round pick was not wasted on him.
Tennessee Tech's Kevin Murphy is working on proving that Utah's second round pick was not wasted on him.

Sometimes we see things and don't immediately get around to writing about it. That is the case with this morning's mashup: a list of links that we saw over the past week, but kind of forgot about as other things caught our eye (and as we wrote almost 1,750 words on the SWAC).

The first stop comes from our friends over at The Mid-Majority. Tennessee Tech's Kevin Murphy has been trying to prove himself with the Utah Jazz this summer, and HoopsWorld caught up with him for a short chat. A worthwhile look at what a second round selection goes through trying to catch on with the team that picked him. (Yes, we still think teams should draft talented mid-majors rather than European maybes)

More on players who will still be in college next season after the jump.

Our next stop comes courtesy of the Washington Times. Seems that George Mason's Johnny Williams has lost 30 pounds as he remakes himself to fit into Paul Hewitt's faster paced system. These are not the plodding Patriots of old, and Williams wants to make sure he makes the most of what should be increased minutes this coming season.

Over at Ken Pomeroy's blog, Drew Cannon has released his final set of freshman stat predictions for next season. Cannon ran all of the top 100 incoming freshman through his predictors and this final set includes the scant mid-major crop. No surprise, but the Conference USA guys look to be the best of the mids in the class with Memphis' Shaq Goodwin leading the pack. Just a warning on this one: it requires a bit of maths.

Last but not least, Dana O'Neil caught up with SMU's Larry Brown out on the recruiting trail, a spot that no matter what he says, has to be odd for the septuagenarian. I know Brown has a great record of turning teams and programs around, but this one strikes me as very odd. I just can't see him getting on a bus for a ride that is longer than the 10 minutes from the hotel to the arena in the NBA. The rewards just don't seem to be there.

I know some guys just like to coach and teach, but until we see how committed Brown really is to the Mustangs, I am going to keep on scratching my head.

That sums up our look at older things you might have missed. We promise to return with more timely bits of fun soon.