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Morning Mashup: Prison Time and Headbutts

Tony Skinn (4) will head from Braunschweig, Germany to London, England to play basketball for Nigeria.
Tony Skinn (4) will head from Braunschweig, Germany to London, England to play basketball for Nigeria.

The headline references just a couple of the interesting tidbits we have for you in this morning's recap of the mid-major world.

ESPN's Drew Cannon (insider only) ranked the ten best mid-major programs and, shockingly, the soon-to-be-fully-major Memphis Tigers. This is to be expected, with the talented Shaq Goodwin being added to an already strong returning squad, WIll Barton be damned.

Remember Tony Skinn? He was the starting point guard for George Mason back when they crashed the tournament party and made it to the Final Four. You may or may not remember his missing the opening round game against Michigan State because he decked a kid in their CAA tournament game against Hofstra. Well now, Tony - Anthony Oludewa Skinn, in full - will be playing point guard for Nigeria in the upcoming Olympics. And with teammates like Ike Diogu and Al Farouq-Aminu, they might actually make some noise.

To the surprise of nobody, the Ivy Leagues are not benefiting from the new rules allowing coaches to work with their players during summer classes.

Pat Knight, now the head coach at Lamar, has hired Sherron Wilkerson as his newest assistant coach. Yes, the same Sherron Wilkerson that Pat's father Bobby once headbutted on the bench. Unintentionally, of course.

Tennessee-Chattanooga has lost their six-year athletic director Rick Hart to SMU, and he shall now work on helping the Mustangs make their transition from C-USA to the Big East.

From the women's game, Shanterrica Madden has been given a sentence of 29 years in prison for second-degree murder and evidence tampering. Why is this mid-major in nature? Because Middle Tennessee State's former guard Tina Stewart was on the other end of the knife that Madden used to kill her former roomate.

And from the distant past - like, way back in June - our good buddy Drew Cannon also looked at the possible success of some of the teams that were changing conferences. Among the highlights: Belmont's move may or may not make their schedule any stronger, Oral Roberts likely moved to an easier conference, and Seattle U (the former home of Elgin Baylor) might do a lot better than you think in the WAC.