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2012 NBA Draft: Summer League Fun

Yo, Scott, you headin' to the Rockets? Can I come?
Yo, Scott, you headin' to the Rockets? Can I come?

A number of mid-major players didn't get drafted as expected late last week, but that doesn't signal the end for any of them. Perhaps the most interesting tale, that of Iona's Scott Machado, has found new life.

From the New York Post, there were apparently several teams who were interested in drafting Machado and having him play "a year or two overseas," Machado said. He - I think rightly - disagreed with them and said no thanks. Several teams have talked to him further, and he decided this morning to join the Houston Rockets on their Las Vegas Summer League squad (going on July 13-22).

But he wasn't the only one to find a roster home for this month's upcoming tournaments...

Also in the Las Vegas Summer League:

Prior to that, in the Orlando Summer League (July 9-13):

Wither art thou, Cameron Moore and Jet Chang? They had several pre-draft workouts, I'd imagine they'll yet wind up on someone's roster.

UPDATE: Moore will be joining the Clippers for the Vegas league.