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Morning Mashup: How Much Are You Worth?

Doug McDermott is already considered one of the most indispensable players in the country.
Doug McDermott is already considered one of the most indispensable players in the country.

A quick rundown of that which is mid-major and basketball in nature from the interwebs these last few days:

-- In his latest "Top 10 Thursday," Myron Medcalf listed the ten most indispensable players in all of college basketball, and only one mid-major player made the list, but he's listed as the most valuable to his team. You guessed it, folks - Creighton's Doug McDermott.

-- Long Beach State had the highest non-conference strength of schedule last season. They lost Casper Ware, Larry Anderson, and five other seniors, but have jumped right back in the fray. Their non-conference schedule this year will include road games at Arizona, UCLA, Syracuse and Ohio State, plus a home game against North Carolina. Dan Monson is nothing if not ballsy.

-- Texas Southern head coach Tony Harvey has suddenly resigned after turning around a squad that went 29-64 in the three years prior to his arrival and racking up a 57-49 record in the past three seasons. He also improved their APR score enough to avoid penalty in this upcoming season...but a difference of opinion appears to have caused bitterness. I'll keep an eye out for more on this.

-- Last, we leave you with a whopper of a win for small schools everywhere. Zena Odosomwan is the son of a Nigerian immigrant, and ended this past season as's #72 high school recruit. He wanted to go to Harvard to play for Tommy Amaker, wasn't academically eligible, and had scholarship offers from thirty-nine other Division I programs. So what has he done? Chosen to skip college entirely to do a year at a prep school and get his eligibility. From his own mouth:

"Four years from now, when no one cares who Zena Edosomwan is, I know a lot of opportunities will be there for me to be successful on and off the court. And on top of that, why go for the average college experience when I could do something special that people remember me by? If I become successful, people will remember that I took that chance, that I had a higher purpose than basketball. Maybe I'll be a trendsetter."

Good on you, sir.