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Morning Mashups: Midday Cheater Edition

Is this man a cheater? At least a few of his fellow coaches think he is. Then again, one guy thinks everyone cheats.
Is this man a cheater? At least a few of his fellow coaches think he is. Then again, one guy thinks everyone cheats.

Who cheats? They all cheat!

At least that was the sentiment of one coach that was asked by CBS who he considers the biggest cheater among his fellow coaches.

On high-major coaches in general: "They all [expletive] cheat. Every high-level coach cheats."

That guy probably isn't very popular at the annual coaches convention.

No surprise that the guy on top of the list was named John Calipari. I am slightly surprised that the second guy on the list was Scott Drew. He has never struck me as someone who does things in a shady way. I guess that you can understand the jealousy other coaches might have considering the doldrums that the program was in when he took over and the status of it today.

It is nice to report that no mid-major coaches were among the top answers. Then again, I am sure that they wouldn't be the first targets of coach-on-coach bashing either. Not when you have the Caliparis and Calhouns of the world running around.

Just saying.

Not the most riveting interview subject, but South Dakota State's Nate Wolters (he of the 21.2 points per game last season) took some time to talk at the Addidas Nations camp. He does have some comments on the expectations he will have to live up to this season, so worth a look. Also available from that camp are chats with Detroit's Ray McCallum and Memphis' Adonis Thomas.


Norfolk State alum Kyle O'Quinn's playing time just increased a little bit.


Loyola is off to Italy to prepare for the season. They will play four games over two weeks as they tour the boot.

It sounds like the extra practice time allowed by the NCAA rule change has been a huge boost for the Ramblers as they have to integrate a lot of new faces into the mix this year.


Andy Katz thinks that Central Florida's Keith Clanton might stay put after all.

None of the schools that were rumored to be in the mix for his services -- Kentucky, Florida State, or South Florida -- have heard from Clanton in the past week according to Katz. He believes that is a signal that the forward may just choose to play out the rest of his career with the Knights.

I can't say I blame Clanton. As mentioned the other day, at Kentucky or Florida State, it would seem difficult for him to crack the rotation with serious minutes. It would certainly put a damper on his draft stock.

And it doesn't necessarily require a postseason berth to get looks from scouts. They will find you if you are good enough, and Clanton certainly has the chops to at least make the top 100 prospects.

On a side note, it doesn't appear that Katz had a very good impression of the Knights this coming season.

And it wouldn't be the strangest thing to actually finish his college career academically in one place instead of fleeing simply because of a postseason ban that may not have mattered if UCF isn't good enough to make a tournament.

Based on the returning talent, I would disagree... assuming they actually return.