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Olympic Men's Basketball Record Has Shades of Loyola Marymount's Big Night

Russell Westbrook led the U.S. to a record win over Nigeria, but it pales compared to the Loyola Marymount 186-point game.
Russell Westbrook led the U.S. to a record win over Nigeria, but it pales compared to the Loyola Marymount 186-point game.

If the USA Dream Team concept is really coming to an end after this year, then the Amercians certainly have made a mark that won't be broken anytime soon.

Russell Westbrook scored 21 points as the U.S. rolled up on Nigeria 156-73. The win set a record for points in an Olympic game, something that will surely not be broken if there are no longer pros playing for U.S.

The U.S. win gives us a chance to post something on the game that holds the record in Division 1.

In 1991, Loyola Marymount beat U.S. International 186-140. The win broke the Lion's own record of 181 points set against the same school two years prior.

It was the last season for the U.S. International basketball team, and there are worse things to be known for than losing to Loyola Marymount. After all, they could be Towson, or Savannah State, holders of long losing streaks at the top level. Or they could be any of the teams that recently have thought they were good enough to survive at the Division 1 level and then realized it isn't all that the body bag game money makes it.

Even though his team lost, Kevin Bradshaw set a record for the most points scored in a Division 1 basketball game. He put in 72 in the losing effort, going 23-for-59 from the floor and 19-for-23 from the free throw line.

U.S. International coach Gary Zarecky was basically feeding Bradshaw the ball to get the record, according to the game story from the L.A. Times. What better way to keep butts in the seats?

"Some people may say this is a garbage game, but it's not," Zarecky said. "Anybody get up and leave? When we play, nobody leaves."

Of course, it helps when you are playing against a team that averaged over 120 points the season before, and was a high-scoring machine itself.

And after Paul Westhead's team set the record against U.S. International two years before, the coach publicly said that he thought 200 points was a possibility if the game hadn't been so close.

Yahoo's The Dagger blog did a series on the untouchable records earlier this summer, and the Loyola game came in at No. 7.

As part of the research for that game, they also interviewed score keeper Dale Marini, who had to be quick to keep up with the fast-paced Lions.

The pages have an area where you mark off the points being scored, the time of the score and the player who made the points. It stopped at 110, and we'd go way past that so I'd have to improvise. I was writing in the margins, in the borders, all over the place.

I can't imagine being tasked with that, but I bet it was a heck of a seat.

I reached out to the Loyola Marymount athletic department to get a box score from the record game. When I receive it, we will post it here for you, along with some numerical analysis.