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Morning Mashups: O'Quinn, Dellavedova and Yeager Edition

Well, at least we know that Matthew Dellavedova can beat Kevin Love off the dribble.
Well, at least we know that Matthew Dellavedova can beat Kevin Love off the dribble.

When you are drafted in the second round, it is a tricky situation. There are no guarantees, and it is still a struggle to make a team (although admittedly somewhat easier than not being drafted at all).

Well, Norfolk State's Kyle O'Quinn made the most of his opportunity during the summer league. He signed a 3-year, $2.5 million contract with the Orlando Magic on Wednesday night.

The MEAC player of the year, defensive player of the year, and One Shining Moment singer is officially an NBA player, the first from that conference since 1986.

Look for great defense off the bench for the Magic.

It apparently gets boring up in Montana.


As expected the U.S. Men's National Team rolled into the semifinals in men's basketball at the Olympics after beating St. Mary's Australia, 119-86.

Former Gael Patty Mills scored 26 points, and current St. Mary's star and WCC player of the year Matthew Dellavedova added three points, four assists and seven rebounds in 26 minutes on the floor.

I can't say the result is a shock. I am more concerned that this wasn't exactly a great audition for Dellavedova against some of the best players in the NBA. Look for his lack of size to be an issue at the end of the season when we start looking at draft prospects.


Colonial commissioner Tom Yeager is still playing it close to the vest on basketball expansion.

"Expansion for all-sports stuff is still a work in progress," commissioner Tom Yeager told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

Stony Brook and Albany were recently added as football only members, saving the life of the America East conference for now. We speculated that basketball expansion is going to move south on I-95 a couple of days ago.

I would expect some word of movement though by the start of the season as teams prepare to play out their final year in their current conference.


Andy Glockner runs down 53 of the top teams for this coming season, including over the summer storylines, in 140 characters or less.

Since we are on a Colonial kick, here is the skinny on Drexel:

Dragons would have danced last year if Chris Fouch hadn't been injured. Does redemption loom? Well, who else besides Mason is even eligible?

Yeah rub in that Strength of Schedule issue and the loss to Norfolk State a little more, Andy.

A good quick refresher if you have been sleeping since March.