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Big Apple Buckets Dives Into Long Island Arrests

Streeter Lecka - Getty Images

John Templon has taken the first swipe at evaluating what the Long Island Blackbirds will look like without the four players arrested last night.

In his piece at Big Apple Buckets, he uses Low-Major Value Add, a measure of player and overall team strength. The bottom line? It isn't going to be pretty.

Without Julian Boyd, Jamal Olasewere, and CJ Garner, you have "gutted" the lineup.

For a team like Long Island, that was supposed to contend for the Northeast Conference title, and had so much returning production, that is a huge indictment. The NEC was supposed to be a very close race between Wagner, Robert Morris and the Blackbirds.

Falling behind in that trio, even if it isn't for the entire season, could be disastrous.

The best case scenario is that the four players are back for the conference slate -- all outside chances for an at-large bid are probably nil if the suspensions are carry on into the season. Otherwise, get ready to crown a new team at the top in the NEC.