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New Face Coming to SBNation and Mid-Major Madness

A little over a week ago, we unveiled the new logo for Mid-Major Madness. Very soon, that logo will be part of a whole new look at this site and across the SBNation network.

What does that mean exactly? It means that you will still get the same great analysis that we have been bringing to you over the past four months. If you haven't liked what we have written, well, that isn't changing, so tough.

What will change is the look and feel of the website. It will be easier to find the top stories; it will be easier to follow breaking news; it will be simpler for you to get to the news about the teams you follow passionately.

Breaking stories like the Long Island arrests, or the Michael Haynes updates, will be encompassed in Story Streams. You won't have to search for the latest news any longer. It will all be under one cover and updated as we report more information to you.

And we will have the foundation to bring you a wider variety of content from across the network, including quickly linking to other sites, and more video.

I am very excited about the change. When I signed on with SBNation, I knew I was hooking up with the best network for fan-generated sports analysis on the Internet. I knew they were invested in the future. I just had no idea that the future would be this great.

This is a huge step forward and light years ahead of what the competition can bring you.

To leave you, a couple of screen shots from other sites, for what your daily experience will be here at Mid-Major Madness: