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SIU's Diamond Taylor Suspended Indefinitely After DUI

Former Wisconsin Badger and current Southern Illinois Saluki guard Diamond Taylor has been suspended for an indefinite period after being cited for driving under the influence this past weekend.

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Southern Illinois junior guard Diamond Taylor has been suspended indefinitely by the team after being charged with driving under the influence this past Saturday morning.

This is all nothing new for Taylor, dating back to his time as a freshman at Wisconsin (where he originally "played"). Consider the following:

  • He was arrested and charged with stealing "several iPods, a cell phone, and at least $400 in cash form several dorm rooms along with a freshman teammate back in the fall of '09. That resulted in him never playing a game as a Badger.
  • He was arrested for marijuana possession in April of last year and eventually suspended last fall for it
  • This season, he already had charges pending from an arrest back in July for stealing a bike from a bike rack on campus.

Perhaps this is a good time for coach to just cut bait and let him go?