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Eamonn Brennan Really Likes Gonzaga

ESPN's resident college basketball aficionado does his absolute best to not ramble himself into oblivion while gushing profusely about how much better than their usual greatness Gonzaga basktball might be this season.

Doug Pensinger - Getty Images

ESPN, as a run up to the season, is running a series called "Three Big Things." The idea is that, for the top twenty contenders entering this season (ranking based on Joe Lunardi's bracketology from some time in the last 6 months), the ESPN guys talk about the three most important things for that squad's success this coming season.

One of the first teams to pop up in this series late last week was Gonzaga, and Eamonn Brennan had a very hard time not tooting Mark Few's horn like a clown hopped up on caffeine. The three big things for Gonzaga in summary:

1. It is a guarantee that they will be one of the three best teams, if not the best team, in the West Coast Conference and will likely make it to the Big Dance this season. The more important question is "what else can they do?"

2. The offense should be at least as good as last season, and if Kevin Pangos can keep improving, Sam Dower can avoid being a defensive liability, and Elias Harris manages to prove his sophomore season was just a slump, they are surely bound for greatness.

3. Their new seven-footer, Przemek Karnowski, was a complete unknown. Until he was known. Apparently once he made it stateside numerous knowledgeable people talked about what a coup this was for the Zags. There's a chance he's raw, and I would be skeptical of a guy who was a no-name, then showed up and was the talk of the town, but it's certainly an x-factor worth monitoring.