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All the GIFs: Florida Gulf Coast is Made For GIF'ing

If there was ever a team made for the fabulous world of GIFs, it is the Florida Gulf Coast Eagles.

Animate ME!
Animate ME!

There may not be a team in the NCAA Tournament that is made for GIFs more than Florida Gulf Coast. The Eagles' #DunkShow is taking the country by storm, along with a few coordinated dance moves that continue to light up televisions, computer screens, and well, these GIFs below.

Here are all the GIFs of the Eagles who stormed their way into the Sweet 16 as the first No. 15 seed to ever earn that honor.

Let's start with a little Chase Fieler dunk action to cleanse the palate:


Yeah, that's nice. And it came with a little And 1 to go with it. Fieler was #winning.

Of course, he also had this fantastic slam against Georgetown just two nights earlier on the feed from Brett Comer:


And there is the flick, also known as the LOL Lob:

But we could also turn up the level of difficulty, like this (We will call this the OH MY!):


All of this dunking can lead to a couple of reactions.

There is The Swagger, as modeled by Comer:


Or you could have The Tin Man, as demonstrated by Christophe Varidel:


But he is more known for his demonstration of the Chicken Dance... What this has to do with Eagles, I have no idea:


You want more Chicken? You got it:


And all of this leads to a lot of locker room celebrating:




And yes, even the manager, celebrating: