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Creighton's Doug McDermott Dominates Missouri State for 39 Points

Doug McDermott scripted a win Friday night that saw him score 39 points after missing three of his first four attempts. The junior Creighton forward is just teasing us with his greatness.


Oh Doug, you are such a tease. You tease us into believing that maybe Missouri State knows a way to contain you.

So you miss a shot; then you make one; then you miss two more.

At 1-for-4, you made it look like this was finally going to be the game where you weren't the All-American. You made it seem as if the NBA scouts who have their doubts about you were correct: that there was something we weren't seeing in all this scoring and rebounding.

You teased us. You made us believe something that we hadn't seen all season.

And then you go and hit 14 of your next 15 shots.


You finish with 39 points, more than half of what the Bluejays compiled. You helped to finally put the Bears in their place, back into the pack in the Missouri Valley Conference, and back looking like the team that scored just two wins against 10 losses in the nonconference season.

Yes, you teased us. You teased us with those mid-range jumpers that didn't go. You made us think this was just a pedestrian game and that you weren't Wooden material.

And then you came back from halftime and scored the next 18 points for the Jays. Are you trying to put together some odd literary narrative for yourself? Are you trying to look like the wounded hero who comes back to life?

You succeeded. You turned a five point halftime lead into a 16-point shellacking by the second media timeout after the break. You revived a Bluejay team that didn't quite seem itself, and then transformed them to achieve that 74-52 win. You scripted it perfectly.

Let's not forget your supporting cast. Gregory Echenique finally stepped out of the lane to challenge on defense. That helped keep the main threat to your supremacy -- the Bears' Anthony Downing -- to just 4 of 11 shooting. Ten points is a far cry from 14 when you play the possession game that Missouri State tried against you.

Or lest we decry Jahenns Manigat, who added 11 points for your saga. Manigat was the only other Jay who seemed to find his rhythm Friday. You didn't really need him too, but he looked good doing it, even if he neglected his passing duties.

Yes, you orchestrated this mostly on your own. More than 40 percent of Creighton's shots came from your hand; almost one-third of the rebounds found your waiting arms. You took control and never let go. There is no blame there; your star shone brightly; it was allowed to consume all the oxygen in the arena and smother the Bear faithful.

Yes, you wrote a story of greatness Friday, Doug McDermott. You showed why you are not just the best mid-major player in the country.

You are the best player.

And yet you missed three of your first four shots.

Such a tease.