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Denny Burguillos, Cameron Solomon Declared Ineligible for Georgia State Panthers

Continuing the roller coaster season in their last year in the Colonial Athletic, Georgia State declared two players ineligible, leaving their potential for another upswing squarely on the shoulders of their offensive stars.

Lance King

Georgia State is giving a new meaning to the term "going out with a bang."

In their last year in the CAA, the Panthers have had a freshman tapped by Dick Vitale as one of the top in the nation, only to see him go down with an injury. They've compiled winning streaks and losing streaks, and now they have contributed to the growing list of academically ineligible players in the Colonial.

As the front page of the website reads, "Academic Scandals and Arrests Galore - Who are we, the ACC?"

On Friday evening, the school announced that junior forward Denny Burguillos and redshirt sophomore guard Cameron Solomon are academically ineligible until further notice, refusing to comment due to privacy reasons.

It's not exactly a huge loss in terms of scoring -- the two together only bring 7.0 points per game -- and yet this Panthers team has notoriously been short when it comes to support scoring for their big three of Manny Atkins, R.J. Hunter, and Devonta White.

Their upcoming game against Old Dominion shouldn't be a problem, but the contest with Towson just got a lot harder for the boys in blue.

Even more worrying is the accumulation of academic ineligibilities and scandals in the CAA this season. Hofstra has been the center of the hailstorm so far, with arrests and academic scandals in the first month of the season. But now that Georgia State is in on the act?

Goodness, Colonial. We're starting to sound like college football.