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Kyle O'Quinn Shows Small School Guys Can Be Clever, Too

A little victory for a guy from a small school who now finds himself laboring on a bad NBA team.

It has not been a wonderful life for former Norfolk State darling and NCAA Tournament hero Kyle O'Quinn. There was that great post-game interview. Then he was drafted by the Orlando Magic, and saw an even greater chance to succeed after he watched the team ditch its best player.

He has instead spent this season playing a measly 126 minutes for the Magic (hey, he played 11 minutes a couple months ago!) and getting minimal opportunities. O'Quinn has posted a PER of 19.2 in his limited minutes, yet continues to be buried behind Glen Davis, Gustavo Ayon, and even Josh McRoberts on the depth chart. No offense to any of those guys (except maybe Glen Davis), but I don't think O'Quinn is the one in that group worthy of scrap minutes.

But he got a little moment of his own recently. Enjoy, and keep your fingers crossed that a deserving, hard working player will eventually find his way on the court more often - even if it just means more opportunities for this to happen.