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Carlos Briggs Files Wrongful Termination Suit Against Detroit

Former Detroit assistant coach Carlos Briggs alleges that he was wrongfully fired after reporting an affair he thought was taking place between the former athletic director and another Titan coach. Now he is looking for a big pay day, saying this has cost him other jobs.


Carlos Briggs knew something was wrong when former Detroit athletic director Keri Gaither would visit the hotel room of former Detroit assistant coach Derek Thomas on Titan road trips.

So when he brought it to the attention of school officials, he thought he was doing some good.

Only this ended up possibly costing Briggs his job with the university, or so he alleges in a lawsuit he filed against Detroit on Tuesday.

The report of the affair led both Thomas and Gaither to resign on Oct. 31, and Briggs was quietly fired a day later, causing all kinds of speculation. The allegations heated up when Briggs went to the media with his story.

According to the Detroit News:

Briggs' termination has prevented him from finding a new job, and he's suing for damages without a set dollar amount, attorney Michael Stefani said.

"He just wants his reputation cleared, so that he has a chance at getting a job at another college," Stefani said. "Coaching is his life."

The suit also alleges that Gaither took unusually brash steps to keep her affair under wraps, including dismissing players from the program, with a keen eye to those recruited by Briggs.

According to Briggs, he also informed head coach Ray McCallum of the affair several times, but because the coach did nothing, he was forced to report it to school authorities.

"(Briggs) is really concerned about what is happening to the athletic program as a result of the athletic director's actions," Stefani said. "It's hurt the program, and it's hurt the kids that will probably never have a chance to receive a college education."