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Lehigh Falls, As Does McCollum: Injury Potentially Serious

The Hawks star player and arguably the best mid-major in terms of draft potential left tonight's contest against VCU with an ankle injury of undetermined seriousness.

Mike Ehrmann

I looked at the box score tonight and saw that Lehigh lost to VCU tonight, and it wasn't close, by a 69-55 final margin.

I scrolled down a bit to take another look at the box score and saw that CJ McCollum, that stud guard who is again leading the nation in scoring and is destined for the NBA in his future, only played 15 minutes.

"Uh oh," I said to myself. "Somebody got injured."

I hate it when I'm right. From ESPN's postgame:

"It appears as if there may be a break in his foot," Lehigh coach Brett Reed said. "It is too early to make that diagnosis for sure. I'm certainly not an expert in that area. We're going to take him back, do some tests and we'll ultimately have some confirmation from there, but I think it is a little bit more significant than an ankle sprain."

Obviously it is early on, and we aren't about to speculate as to what the injury might be. That said, both the Hawks and McCollum should be hoping that this might be only a severe sprain and not a break in the ankle, as that could have much more serious ramifications for both the team's and his own future.

Stay tuned for more coverage as this unfolds.