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Video: The Zapruder Film of C.J. McCollum's Injury

We have the moment of tape when McCollum suddenly goes back and to the left. Here is the video footage of the injury to the Lehigh star.

Dance, dance, dance. Dribble, dribble, dribble.

That is C.J. McCollum's game. The Lehigh point guard relies on his foot speed and quickness to an extreme, as you could see as he walked the ball up the court against Virginia Commonwealth on Saturday in this video clip.

And then it all explodes. The foot gives way and there is a limp and a hop toward the sideline. Something had happened. McCollum had gone back and to the left.

You can't really see what happened in this clip, other than pinpointing the moment when the injury to McCollum finally got to him. But if this is serious, this could be the last we see of the Lehigh guard and that is very disappointing.

There is nothing that would make you a little squeamish here, so at least you can get a last look at the footwork that made him an NBA candidate -- the shooting helps too, but how many guys who can shoot just become marginal in the pros: a lot; this is the real ability that he brings.