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Mid-Major Madness Featured on Big Apple Buckets Podcast


From time to time we spread our love for mid-major basketball elsewhere. That happened again this weekend as I contributed to the Big Apple Buckets podcast headed up by our good friend John Templon.

We discussed a number of topics, and as you can imagine from the length of my pieces here, I tend to wax on and on. So some of what we talked about undoubtedly ended up on the cutting room floor.

But if you have 30 minutes, you should go over and take a listen to what I had to say, and what John had to say with Ryan Peters about the Northeast and America East (I really hope they talked some Albany!).

You can find the podcast at Big Apple Buckets.

Who knows? Maybe Dr. Geeves and I might have to start one of our own... not that anyone should be subjected to listening to the two of us banter on for 30 minutes.