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Mid-Major Madness Podcast: Atlantic Sun/Conference USA

The Atlantic 10 doesn't want to be a Mid-Major, breaking down the Atlantic Sun, Conference USA, and more on this week's podcast.


Ben Miraski had to bail on the podcast last night to attend a Katy Perry album signing, so our own Jake Fischer took over the co-hosting duties.

We start this week's show by responding to Atlantic 10's statement to us:

Please be aware, the Atlantic 10 Conference is NOT a mid-major league and its member institutions are NOT mid-major programs. We are not included in the Mid-Major poll, and we are not referred to by major media outlets as mid-major.  Our change in membership does not change that fact. Our three best teams in 2012-13 (all NCAA teams) remain A-10 members and seven of our current teams made the postseason last year. Seven of our 13 members have also played in a Final Four and only three of our current members have NOT played in a Regional Final (Elite Eight) game.

I believe their new slogan is, "The Atlantic 10 Conference, 14 mid-major teams, 1 big inferiority complex"

Next we dive into the Atlantic Sun Conference with expert Jon Finer of You can follow Jon throughout the season at @KSUOwlHowl.

We end the show breaking down Conference USA, a conference that does not have a preseason poll but Ken Pomeroy does the work for us.

Feel free to tweet us any comments or questions for next week's podcast to @mid_madness. Also, you can download and rate the podcast on iTunes.

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