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Mid-Major Madness Podcast: October 30

We catch up with Peter Casey of Basketball Passport and also introduce our Mid-Major 15 Poll.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

On this week's podcast we start off with talking about the HBCU debacle in Atlanta, and then catch up with Peter Casey of Basketball Passport. Peter's site will go live today (October 30) at 9 AM and we highly encourage all our readers and listeners to go check the site out. It lets you track all of the games you've been to and will go to, along with a host of other really awesome features.

We then introduce our preseason Mid-Major 15 Poll as voted on by 11 mid-major writers from across the country. We'll be posting the complete breakdown of the MM15 later this week and you can expect an updated poll every Monday through out the season.

We did have some slight technical difficulties last night, so you might catch some dead air about halfway through the pod, just skip ahead a couple of minutes and you should be fine. I apologize for this, but Ben's Motorola Sidekick was malfunctioning.

As always download and rate us on iTunes. Also, feel free to send us your questions or topics you'd like to hear on the air to @mid_madness.