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BYU vs. Stanford Game Recap: Haws, Carlino, Collinsworth Rule the Night

Have you been paying attention? BYU's backcourt might be one of the best in the country. They showed off their talents over 40 minutes against Stanford and proved the Cougars are not a team you run with.


This just in: Tyler Haws is good. This might be news to those of you reading who don't normally follow BYU: Matt Carlino is good too.

Oh, and BYU has yet another guard named Kyle Collinsworth. He can ball.

For those of you keeping score at home, that is about the extent of the names you needed to know Monday night as the Cougars backcourt dominated Stanford, en route to a 112-103 win.

It is the kind of game where when Johnny Dawkins looks at the game tape, he is going to regret playing the way he did against the Cougars. This is the type of game where you stack the middle and force the shooters to the outside.

That wasn't the Stanford gameplan.

Carlino and Haws were able to split the defense and get to the hoop time after time. Oh, they shot from outside, but they didn't need to. They basically owned the lane and saw every route to the basket.

Haws, he erupted in the second half to finish with 31 points and eight rebounds. The boards are something he should have never gotten given the size of Stanford.

Carlino, he finished with 26 points, after leading the way in the first half when Haws was the focus of the Stanford defense.

Collinsworth, he scored 14 points, but also added seven rebounds and nine assists, to go along with three steals. There is the underrated contributor on this Cougar team. He did everything Monday night, and was totally lost in the scoring attack by Haws in the second half. He might just have been the MVP for his contributions during the opening 20 minutes.

Yes, BYU is here. Count the win against Weber State. Count the win against Stanford. (And side note, worry about the PAC-12 as a whole after this)

The Cougars didn't garner any votes in the AP Poll this week though. Someone isn't watching.

There might still be concerns over the interior defense -- Stanford had as many open paths to the basket as the Cougars. And the lack of size might really come into play if someone stacks the deck against them.

But for now, the Cougars are one of the teams to fear when they step on the court because of all the offensive weapons in the backcourt, and their ability to turn up the tempo against you.

It's just one win against Stanford, but it is so much more in the scope of what this could mean for a season. These are the types of games that BYU dropped last year.

This team, this band of guards. They are different.