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Statements Issued from Coach, School on Mondy, Williams Arrests

Both coach Greg Kampe and Oakland Athletics have issued statements following the release of Duke Mondy and Dante Williams.

Ronald Martinez

More information has been released in the case of the two Oakland players that were arrested in Los Angeles on Thursday morning.

Coach Greg Kampe told CBS Sports' Matt Norlander the following:

"They will be appropriately suspended upon review of the situation," said Kampe, who added that Mondy and Williams met the alleged victim at Wednesday's Clippers game at Staples Center. "This was more than going past curfew, more than breaking of team policy. It's more than that. I take it very seriously, am apologetic to our fans, apologetic to college basketball that something like this would happen."

Around the same time, Oakland Athletics issued a statement via Twitter:

Fan response appears to be one of relative displeasure, given that the charges have been dropped, yet the players will still be unavailable. Mondy was a big part of the expectations for this coming season, and not having him for two high-profile games is going to definitely hurt the Grizzlies on the court.