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Mid-Major Game of the Week: New Mexico State vs UTEP

There is an age old rivalry along Interstate 10 between Las Cruces and El Paso that needs to be in the spotlight. That's why our Mid-Major Madness Game of the Week is an early season rematch between New Mexico State and UTEP.

Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE

New Mexico State Aggies (3-1) vs UTEP Miners (3-1)

When: November 23, 9:05 PM EST
Where: Don Haskins Center- El Paso, Texas
All-Time Series Record: 105-100 New Mexico State

We're going to mix up things a bit with the Mid-Major Madness Game of the Week here on our where instead of one, long article we'll provide you with several days worth of content on this weekend's big match up. We start today by setting the table for an age old rivalry along Interstate 10 and an early rematch in the 2013-14 season.

The UTEP Miners and New Mexico State Aggies are two programs only separated by about 50 miles of highway between El Paso and Las Cruces. The two rivals have met 205 times since 1915 when the Aggies downed the Miners in a 32-28 barn-burner. This is a healthy, back-and-forth rivalry and Tim Floyd's squad is already looking to avenge a 86-73 loss in Las Cruces last week.

Daniel Mullings was the story in the first match up, dropping 26 points on the Miners in a 9-for-14 performance from the field. The tenacious big man combo Sim Bhullar and Tshilidzi Nephawe combined for 20 points and 18 rebounds, although Bhullar ran into foul trouble throughout the night.

How will UTEP make adjustments for the Aggies this weekend? What does New Mexico State have to do to keep their momentum intact? I'll let the experts tell you...

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