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Christophe Varidel Mystifies Again

"Dunk City" and the chicken dance captured a country a year ago, but Christophe Varidel jumped ship. The "International Man of Mystery" resurfaced Monday night with a career performance against #18 Baylor.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Full disclosure... I'm a Washington Redskins fan. I even spent a great three years writing over at Hogs Haven of our SB Nation brethren. Thankfully college hoops has allowed me emotionally detach from my unhappy relationship with the Redskins.

Monday I got my beer and Monday Night Football food spread, but instead Chaminade's Christophe Varidel captured my heart once again and made me turn away from my train wreck known as the Redskins.

Of course Varidel first captured our hearts with this...


and this...


I had been joking with Ben Miraski since Varidel transferred to Chaminade from Florida Gulf Coast that the International Man of Mystery would resurface at Maui Invitational, but I didn't expect this.... Varidel > Redskins.

Growing up in Virginia, the name Chaminade is ingrained in our DNA thanks to a 1982 upset over the nation's top ranked team. So I wasn't taking the Silver Swords lightly, but I wasn't expecting THIRTY-ONE first half points from the Swiss native.

In the end, the Cinderella story would come to a close with Varidel scoring 42 points, one shy of the Maui Invitational record set by Adam Morrison. The Silver Swords would end up losing 93-77.

Until tomorrow Mr. Varidel...