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Mid-Major Madness Game of the Week: Game Updates

The starting lineups for today's game are:

Saint Louis: Mike McCall Jr., Jordair Jett, Dwayne Evans, Rob Loe and Reggie Agbeko

Wichita State: Fred VanVleet, Ron Baker, Tekele Cotton, Cleanthony Early and Kadeem Coleb

First Media Timeout: Saint Louis 10 vs. Wichita State 4. There were two early three pointers by Mike McCall sparked the Billikens on an early 8-0 run to start the game. VanVleet made an athletic move for the Shockers for they first field goal of the game.

Second Media Timeout: Saint Louis 16 vs. Wichita State 7. Saint Louis is 7-12 shooting while Wichita State is 2-12 shooting from the field. Loe and McCall lead the way for Saint Louis with six points each. Saint Louis is doing well in the paint outscoring the Shockers 10-2.

Third Media Timeout: Saint Louis 16 vs. Wichita State 16. The Shockers go on a 9-0 run to tie the game. Saint Louis has gone on a scoring drought after beginning the game with excellent shooting. The Shockers have gone on inside and played well against the freshman Reggie Agbeko.

Saint Louis Timeout: Saint Louis 16 vs. Wichita State 24. A 17-0 run for the Shockers. A breakdown on the defense for Saint Louis to give Lufile an easy layup. Jim Crews immediately calls timeout. The Billikens need to make a bucket and desperately

Halftime: Saint Louis 29 vs. Wichita State 28. A Rob Loe put back gave the Billikens the lead after a back and forth last two minutes of the first half. Now, the school is doing a very touching halftime tribute to former Saint Louis head coach Rick Majerus who passed away one year ago today. A few of his former players spoke and the school gave his girlfriend an A-10 championship ring from last season.

Second Half

Second Media Timeout: Saint Louis 46 vs. Wichita State 44. Dwayne Evans has scored nine this half  as Early only has two points in the game. The Billikens have been going to Evans early and often this half. He has been getting to the line and SLU is in the bonus.

Third Media Timeout: Saint Louis 55 vs. Wichita State 51. Saint Louis has begun to assert itself on the defensive end forcing two big steals. Dwayne Evans is on beast mode right now, nothing the Shockers are doing right now is stopping him. Evans will be at the line after the media timeout.

Final Media Timeout: Saint Louis 58 vs. Wichita State 60. The Shockers retake the lead on a Clemanthony Early three pointer. He has five points today, but none bigger than that three pointer. The Billikens are struggling to go back inside with Dwayne Evans. The biggest issue for the Billikens is that Rob Loe, their starting center, fouled out with 4:20 left this half.

Timeout: Saint Louis 63 vs. Wichita State 63. Baker is going to the line for two shots. John Manning, Saint Louis' backup center just fouled out with 1:57 left in the game. It is going down the wire. Jordair Jett has scored the Billikens last five points.

Timeout: Saint Louis 65 vs. Wichita State 66. Jake Barnett missed the first free throw from the line, Ron Baker unable to inbound the ball, 30.1 seconds left in the game.