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Mid-Major Madness Podcast: December 11 Edition

The Mid-Major Madness Podcast is back after a brief hiatus. We're just about a month in on the season and we touch on the biggest surprises and disappointments thus far this season.

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We were back at it on the Mid-Major Madness Podcast last night (the number 1 podcast in the world for mid-major basketball). We're just over one month into the season so Ben and I broke down plenty of topics, including:

- Non-Division I teams wreaking havoc on the mid-major ranks lately and stat padding for other teams taking on these opponents.

- St. Joe's fans push to get rid of Phil Martelli. Is Phil's time up in Philly? Who would replace him?

- Four undefeated teams and four winless teams remain, we take a look at all of them.

- Which team has been the most disappointing this year?

- A look at the nation's top mid-major scorers? Are they efficient or simply volume scorers?

- Who has impressed you the most this year?

And plenty more...

As always, you can subscribe to our podcast on iTunes (please be sure to rate it if you do). If there is a topic or subject you'd like for us to discuss then please feel free to reach out to us @mid_madness.

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