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Mid-Major Madness Year in Review: Harvard Showed Us a Glimpse of This Year

Harvard probably had no business winning an NCAA Tournament game given the way its season started. But the Crimson knocked off New Mexico in one of the more shocking results of the 2013 NCAA Tournament. Let's take another look in our Year in Review.

Harvard likely had no business beating New Mexico
Harvard likely had no business beating New Mexico

Harvard has certainly been impressive this season. The Crimson's depth -- partially because of a little academic misstep prior to last season -- is something that is going to pay dividends throughout the rest of the year, and into what is likely a spot in the NCAA Tournament.

But last season, given the way it started, shouldn't have ended the way it did, with the Crimson representing the Ivy League in the NCAA Tournament.

And we certainly never thought that Harvard was going to win a game, let alone against a very difficult New Mexico team.

Yet at the end of the day, Tommy Amaker's team was the one moving on to the third round, and not going home as another Ivy opening game loss. It was an impressive win, and one that gave us a glimpse of what Harvard could do entering this year.

The additions of Brandyn Curry and Kyle Casey were just going to make the team that much better given all they had accomplished last year. We are in for a special treat if the Crimson can keep up what they have shown so far.

Admittedly, a lot of our favorite moments came during the NCAA Tournament. Florida Gulf Coast, Wichita State, and now Harvard. But the Tournament served as a showcase for how good some of the basketball being played outside of the major conferences was during last year. It let some of the teams that we loved all year long shine and then achieve something that no one expected.

Harvard certainly was one of the biggest shocks, and well worth another look.

Here is the Harvard miracle, once again.