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Mid-Major Madness Year in Review: Nate Wolters Broke Game Score

Nate Wolters had just one of the performances that made February 7, 2013, a night to remember in college basketball. And then when we looked further, his performance became one for our site's record books.

Naters got to Nate
Naters got to Nate

The night of Feb. 7 turned out to be a wild affair in mid-major college basketball. It all started when a little tweet by the Chicago State AD got us turned around and thinking that big things were about to happen with the WAC.

He wasn't kidding. Before the season was out, we would see the former basketball and football power turned on its head.

But the night was young, and before it was over we had one of the most amazing performances of last season.

South Dakota State's Nate Wolters torched IPFW for 53 points. That was 53 out of the 80 that his team scored, and what if I remember correctly was the best Division 1 performance of the season by a single player.

That alone would have been amazing. But it was only after we plugged that performance into our Game Score calculation that we saw maybe the most ridiculous part of it. Wolters' performance was worth more than a win.

After all the time and energy that went into making HOOPWAR and then turning it into Game Score, Nate Wolters went and broke it.

It was an amazing night, and one that will be hard for any player to top. The game doesn't work this way that often where someone is going to be ON FIRE like that all night. And few teams are so focused around a single player these days to where you are going to see them take that high a percentage of the chances (He had 50 percent of the possessions for his team in this one) -- not if that team is thinking they are going to win.

Nate Wolters was a special player, one that we got to watch too rarely thanks to the Summit League television availability being rather sparse.

But that didn't mean we didn't get to be entertained by the crazy, unbelievable nights like this one.

Here is our reaction to the breaking of the Game Score, once again.