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Mid-Major Madness Year in Review: Doug McDermott Was a Tease

Doug McDermott and Creighton were some of our favorite topics here last season before they bolted together for the Big East. One night, McDermott looked as if he was mortal, until he wasn't. It was one of my favorite pieces of the past year.

Such a tease
Such a tease
Dave Weaver-USA TODAY Sports

Doug McDermott seemingly never had a bad night. No matter who the opponent was, or how much they keyed on him, he managed to get his 20 and usually add about 10 rebounds to that.

But there was one night when it looked like McDermott couldn't get it going and it happened against Missouri State.

Doug started the night going 1-for-4 from the field and looked bad doing it. It was like an alien had taken over McDermott's body and was secretly making him miss.

All of this was a mirage though. The real Doug McDermott was still there, and he proceeded to hit 14 of his next 15 shots, finishing with 39 points and beating down the Bears in the process.

It was a fantastic performance, going from a player who couldn't make a shot to one that couldn't miss. The Bears had no answer and it was maybe the performance that put McDermott squarely in the POY race more than any other last season.

He will still have his critics, and he is doing his best to silence them with his team's move to a bigger conference this year. But this night was magical.

So here is Doug McDermott is a tease, once again.