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Southern vs. Champion Baptist Game Recap: Jaguars Break Records and Hearts in Blowout

Southern University out of the SWAC played a non-NCAA team on Monday night and won by 104 points. It was not a popular move.

Marquette only beat Southern by seven. Imagine if they played CBC
Marquette only beat Southern by seven. Imagine if they played CBC
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

There are few words to describe Southern's 116-12 win over Champion Baptist on Monday night. The Jaguars ran out to a 44-0 lead on the ACCA (a non-NCAA Christian College consortium) school from Hot Springs, Ark.

That was an NCAA record for the most lopsided start to a game. We will leave it up to you as to whether the record should have an asterisk associated with it.

But the game certainly drew a lot of attention on Twitter, with writers and fans attempting to determine how and why the little Baptist college would ever take the drive down to Baton Rouge for this drubbing.

Consider that it is normally Southern on the short end of games like this. They are the school that gets paid to travel and take the loss, if only to fill the athletic department coffers to keep themselves and other sports alive.

There is not a lot of profit to be made playing in the SWAC.

So you have to imagine that this was a cheap way to get a home game prior to the conference season. The Jags fans certainly got their money's worth, at least if they wanted to see their team put on what amounted to a glorified offensive exhibition.

Some notes from the contest:

  • It took 14:50 for Champion Baptist scored its first point. It came on a free throw, because Southern actually fouled for some reason.
  • The Tigers scored just six points in each half. For a while it didn't look like they would even get to 10.
  • People are outraged that they are playing a D-1 school
  • Southern held Champion Baptist to just 6.8 percent shooting. Zach Hendricks was the only Tiger player to score two baskets.
  • Somehow, the Tigers scored three blocks.
  • Three Jaguar players outscored Champion Baptist. One of them didn't even start the game.
  • Yeah, it is tough to understand how a game like this even comes into being, or why it is allowed to be anything other than an exhibition. But it happened.

At least Champion Baptist has a decent video editing department.