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Mid-Major Madness Year in Review: Google "Doug McDermott is Like"

We all know the fun that can be had with Googling your name and the words "is a". So we decided to see what Creighton's Doug McDermott brought out in terms of comps when we typed "Doug McDermott is like".

You see that plant over there. Don't let it eat you.
You see that plant over there. Don't let it eat you.
Dave Weaver-USA TODAY Sports

Google is a weird beast. You never know what you are going to get from the search engine, which is why it is the perfect way to seek out comps for your favorite college basketball players.

After all, we are certain that someone out there has compared everything to everything else. It is only a matter of looking to tie it all together.

Last season, we decided it would be interesting to see who Doug McDermott was being compared with. We expected a couple of the answers, namely Larry Bird and Keith Van Horn.

But there were many that we couldn't have anticipated.

So in one of our favorite articles of the year, we had a Little Shop of Horrors reference, Keith Van Horn, Glen Rice (possibly my favorite shooter of all time), Larry Bird (who we so tried to get as our logo for MMM) and Google craziness. What could be better than that?

As Doug drives his way through the Big East this season, we hope he is living up to these comps and more.

Here is "Doug McDermott is like...", once again.