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Missouri Valley Punishes Officials From Wichita State - Illinois State Karate Match

No exact punishment is named, but the Missouri Valley Conference did something in relation to the kung-fu kick of Jackie Carmichael. It just has nothing to do with the players involved.


Not that this solves anything, but the Missouri Valley Conference isn't exactly happy with how things went down in the final minute of the game between Wichita State and Illinois State.

This doesn't have to do with the calling of the Flagrant 1 against Jackie Carmichael for his Hong Kong Phooey impression. Well, not exactly.

The league punished the three referees involved with the game because they awarded the free throws to the wrong player, Cleanthony Early, instead of the player actually taken down by the flying foot of Carmichael, Tekele Cotton

There has been no word on what the punishment is.

As David Harten pointed out, this probably wouldn't have made a difference in the ending of the ball game. Illinois State failed to stop Wichita State, who put on a run that has been out of character for the Shockers this season. And the Redbirds failed to make shots when they had a chance.

Still, it should provide at least a little closure, at least until the league gets around to reviewing the tape and letting us know if there is any punishment for Carmichael.